Our Grand Theme :

"Developing Relevant Content
Strategy Amidst High Level of Competition”
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Marketing strategies are evolving throughout eras in response to the ever-changing customer behavior. Nowadays, state-of-the-art marketing strategy presents inbound marketing, which focuses on developing and delivering creative content strategies that have high relevance towards customers’ interests rather than compelling them with misleading advertisements. Thus, inbound marketing positioned customers as the center of the ingredients to implement a strategy. Content strategy covers the management of basically any tangible media that the company makes and owns, including written, visual, and so on. Companies commonly utilize inbound marketing to accomplish at least one of these gainful outcomes: earn and sustain customers, increase revenue, or lower expenses.

Amidst the high level of competition, building good relationships with customers is very important for a company to establish consumer interests and loyalty, therefore can act as a competitive advantage. Michael Porter, a well-known economist, revealed that competitive advantage is needed to create and maintain company performance. Hence, creative content strategy which is one of the significant segments of inbound marketing, can support quality relationships with customers.