How to register my team?

You can check ‘EVENTS’ menu on top of this page

Can one team register for two different IMOTION’s competition?

One team is only allowed to register one competition because the schedule between IMOTION’s competitions will be held at the same time

How many people in one team are allowed?

One team contains 3-4 undergraduate students for Marketing Plan Competition and 1-4 for Advertising Video Competition.

Is Marketing Talk is only for FEB UI students?

Marketing Talk is allowed for all community, including workers, students, entrepreneurs, etc.

Are the participants of the competition is required to attend Marketing Talk?

Yes, all of the participants must attend Marketing Talk

Will the participants be given snacks, lunch, or any kind of consumption during the competition?

Yes, all of the participants will be given any consumption during the competition.

Is there any kind of accommodation (place to stay, transportation, etc) The 13th IMOTION will offer us?

IMOTION will give a recommendation accommodation for the participants but not facilitate any accomodation

If one of the team members is unable to attend in the presentation day, can it be represented?

No, in the presentation day, the team members must be full team